Oh, Hi There!

Hi there! Remember me? The girl who use to write this blog?

Remember me?
Remember me?

I apologize if you missed me terribly, I hate to disappoint my fans, but I needed a little time to myself in order to prepare for my biggest undertaking to date… The 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon! That’s right boys and girls, The Flash and I spend the four months after the Dumbo Double Dare training for 26.2 miles of magic through the parks of Walt Disney World.

Woody & Buzz getting ready to run to infinity and beyond....
Woody & Buzz getting ready to run to infinity and beyond….

As challenging as running the race was, I think making the time to train was the real challenge. From September through December, 3 nights a week and Saturday mornings I was running. I was the Forrest Gump of my New York Sports Club. All the boys who are down in the weight areas putting up pounds were all in awe when I would tell them I was training to run a marathon. I’m not going to lie, it kinda made me feel like a badass.

Training time also made me realize a lot about myself, my dedication, my will power, my stamina, my drive, my patience, my perseverance and my character. When you run, you spend a lot of time alone with your thoughts. Even running side by side with The Flash (when I could keep up with her!) we would talk about stuff that had happened during our weeks but after a while we would just end up running next to each other in silence, reflecting on our own thoughts.

Training also made me realize a lot about the people around me. Some were incredibly supportive; some were not as much. It was very interesting for me to see how people responded to the changes I needed to make, in order for me to meet my goals. I had to say no to a lot of invitations. I had to limit time with my friends. I’d have to leave places early. I’d have to drink water at happy hour to go run afterwards. There were times where I thought that my trainer, D-Block, and The Flash would be my only two friends left after it was all over.

As time went on, I noticed more and more people coming out of the shadows, emailing me or posting on Facebook how impressed they were by my training and how they wished me the best as we got closer to race day. I became friends with people at the gym who saw me there regularly, wanting to know what I was training for. One of the first people to congratulate me when I crossed the finish line, was a guy I made friends with at the gym who thought is was really cool that I was dressing up as Woody to run Disney for my 35th birthday and he promised me it would be OK if I fell on my face at Mile 2, because no one really needs their face to run a marathon.

Joel Runyon, who started the blog ImpossibleHQ (totally check it out if you are looking to challenge yourself in any way, shape or form), wrote a week-long series of news letters that are the fundamentals needed to do the impossible. Day 6 is all about forming your league to help support you in your “impossible” task. He said,

“Start doing what you want to do and you’ll find that the most supportive people in your league find YOU. If you’re doing something remarkable, something impossible, people are naturally attracted to your mission. They’ll seek you out and help you along and amazing things will follow.”

I’m so grateful for the people who showed me love and support over the course of my training and through out marathon weekend. I received so many congratulatory texts, Facebook messages, and emails. It really made me feel like I did something amazing. I ran 26 races in 2013 and I ran 26.2 miles in one race in 2014. I am a marathoner!

The Flash and a weepy Souzapalooza after our Marathon victories!
The Flash and a weepy Souzapalooza after our Marathon victories!

Of course, I could not have done any of this with out The Flash. She kept me on track with training, kept a positive attitude week after week, and convinced me that I could actually run a marathon. (I ran most of the marathon – I hit the wall at mile 21 and had to walk a good portion of those last 5 miles, but damn it, I did it!) I crossed that finish line at 5:37:00, and The Flash and my sister Ka-Ka were waiting for me when I was done.

How do you like us now? Bling Bling!
How do you like us now? Bling Bling!

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