What Are You Thinking?

Deep in Thought
Deep in Thought

Do you ever wish you could read other people’s minds?
I often wonder what other people are thinking, more specifically, what other people think about me. I know that is a bit shallow and self centered, but every now and then it happens.

  • Do they like me?
  • Do they find me annoying?
  • Do I amuse them?
  • Are they just nice because they are being polite?
  • Am I pestering?
  • Do they talk to me cause there is no one better or more engaging to talk to?
  • Do they actually think I’m awesome?
  • Do they think about something I said after the fact because is was witty / humorous / thought provoking?
  • Do I sound like a blathering idiot?
  • Do they mock me when I’m not around?
  • Do they actually think I’m perfect just as I am?

Just once, I’d love a day to read minds. I know Sookie Stackhouse says it isn’t as fun as it seems, but for my own peace of mind, I’d love to know. I feel like I would manage my expectations better.

Would you like to know what people REALLY think about you?


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