New Moon, New Perspective

New Moon :)
New Moon 🙂 (Photo credit: joshveitchmichaelis)

Tonight is the New Moon, the first phase of the moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth. Many religions use this lunar phase to mark a new month rather than using the Julian calendar that we are all accustom to. It is also believed that the new moon is the best time to set your intentions for the month.

I have had a very challenging few weeks. I haven’t been feeling well physically, which has trickled in to my mental and emotional states. However, I’ve made a few changes and yesterday for the first time, I really felt good. I had a really great 10 mile run with The Flash and SK2 Saturday morning, even though it was raining and took two naps later that day. I’m trying to get some momentum back, and with only 24 days till the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland (a 10K Saturday and 1/2 Marathon in Disneyland over Labor Day weekend), I really need it!

As a result, I am taking today and the ‘power of the new moon’ to set my intentions for the month, and I encourage all of you to do the same. I’ve done a little research on the topic, and here are the main things to keep in mind when setting your intentions for the New Moon:

  • Keep your intentions, clear, specific, and simple
  • Keep your intentions in a positive frame
  • Put your intentions in to writing and keep that list some where you can see it daily so your intensions are always top of mind
  • Make it a ritual – don’t do this while watching TV, but rather take 20-30 minutes to yourself, making it a special time to do some reflection. You may even want to do this in a special place as well.
  • Believe in your intentions. Don’t just say, I want to win lotto and walk away. Believe it and make sure you buy a ticket… you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

So, what are your intentions for this month?


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