Remember Just to Love

My heart is heavy once again today. Dear, sweet, Super Dylan finally succumbed to his battle with brain cancer early this morning.super dylan

I have written about this wonderful child and his incredible family before. I worked with Dylan’s father Eric when Dylan was first diagnosed and have followed their epic battle over the past 6 years, both in talking with Eric and following his blog – Super Dylan. Dylan endured surgeries, chemo, radiations, medicines, experimental testing and alternative treatments. They traveled the globe for different types of medical treatments in hopes to find a cure and return Dylan to the normal, healthy, childhood every child deserves.

News of Dylan’s passing was top of my news feed when I logged on to Facebook this morning. As I have been popping back on and off, I have been watching my news feed become over come with comments, posts, shares, ect;  outpouring to the David Family with sentiments of sympathy and love for a child that some people never even met. I don’t have children (I have a turtle, it isn’t the same) I can’t imagine what it is like to have one, let alone witness the loss of one. There are no words for a pain like that. That type of pain shouldn’t exist therefore should not need to be defined by a word. However, through all the things that this family has gone through, and knowing that it may end like it did today, is a true testament to the bounds of what the human spirit is capable of enduring.

I don’t know why things like this happen, nor is it my place to question the universe’s grand plan. I like to think there must be a reason cause I hate to think that his death was in vain. Yesterday a friend and former colleague stopped by to see me and said – “I’ve been thinking of you today, the updates on Dylan made me want to stop by and say just hi”. Maybe that is why Dylan had to suffer – so more of us can truly connect and form bonds through a society that has become so impersonal with all our texts, face booking, and virtual connections. Maybe it was to make us appreciate the things we are blessed with; our health, our families, our friends, our faith in humanity.

So today, please take a minute to think of Super Dylan and his family, count your blessing and know that we have a new little angel watching over all of us today.

God bless Super Dylan and the David Family.

SuperDylan - illustration by Chris Jevons of Yorkshre UK
SuperDylan – illustration by Chris Jevons of Yorkshre UK

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