The Non-Running Side of Ragnar

Now that you’ve heard all about my Ragnar legs, let me tell you a little about what happens when you aren’t running alone in the dark.

Rock Lobstar Van #1
Rock Lobstar Van #1

Vans – Your van isn’t just your Ragnar home for 24-36 hours, it is your moving party! It is your way to show the world (Fellow Ragnarians and the kind residents of towns being invaded by Ragnar Teams) what your team is all about. Vans are pimped out in colors, signs, and showing the world who’s inside. Some decorative items include team name, what runners are in the van, what legs have been completed and how many “kills” have been obtained. (Kills are when one runner passes another; Being on the slow side, I was more often road kill than a killer). In addition, there is “van tagging” (I’m not sure if this is the proper term, but I’m going with it) other teams put magnets on your van with their team name on it. One of our Lobstars made a few from post-its and magnet strips, which we had fun sticking on our competitors vans. (If you do this, it is important to make sure your ‘tag’ is removable and doesn’t cause damage to another teams rental)

Tagged by the "Ragnar Runs On Dunkin" team
Tagged by the “Ragnar Runs On Dunkin” team

Port-A-Potties – One of the nice things about being slower team and starting real early is that most of the port-a-potties are pretty clean. A small reward for the ungodly hour we had to get up at! At some of the major exchanges (an exchange is where one leg ends and the next begins; a major exchange is where one van leg ends and the other van begins), there are ‘real’ bathrooms, but there can be a fee and a looooonnnng line. Or you could be like me and pee at the Dunkin Donuts for the price of a coffee I would have ordered anyway!

Stops along the way – We tried to make a non-exchange stop, once or twice during everyone’s legs to provide support, encouragement, and motivation to our van mates (as well as any other Ragnarians we saw along the way). It also gave the runner a chance to get water, shed a few layers, and get that little extra push to get up a hill and/or power through the run.

Costumes – Lots of team wear coordinating outfits when running; matching colors, specially designed shirts, tutus, ect. Rock Lobstars tried to wear similar neon orange colors however with the last minute decision to go with orange it was a little hard to turn around. Hopefully, if we do another one we will have enough lead time to order team gear. Of course, our best item was our acutal full body lobster costume that we took turns wearing at various stops through out the race. We would even hand it off to Van #2 when it was there turn to run. People loved it and wanted to take pictures with us in it. We even had it on at night with our safety vests!

Safety Lobstar protecting our Runner #6
Safety Lobstar protecting our Runner #6

Snacks – Everyone brings what they need to get them through their runs. My Other Sister and I brought mini bagels, travel peanut butter (which you should also remember plastic cutlery for  – smart move by my sister!!), Almonds, GU, Bars, Chomps, and, thanks to B-rad, my new favorite post run snack – PICKLES! They are not only healthy, they replenish some of the salts that you loose when you sweat.


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