Coming Soon, I Move in to a Van Down by the River

My running reputation is becoming more legendary than my actual running. People seem to think that I am capable of gargantuan feats, like a Ragnar Relay. What is that you ask? Let me tell you….

A Ragnar Relay is an “overnight running relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport” A team of 12 people will pile in to two vans and take turns running 200 miles or so. This is something my Other Sister has been dying to do, so when my good friend B-Rad texted me asking if I would be interested cause a few of his runners dropped out I did the only thing a good friend and sister would do and said “my sister and I will do it”.

So now I’m registered to live in a van starting May 3rd; although this one isn’t down by the river, but will be moving along the coast of Cape Cod, starting in Hull, MA and ending in Provincetown, MA. This should be interesting.


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