Turn Up The Heat! – Match.com Stir Event at Sur La Table

sur la table
sur la table (Photo credit: h-bomb)

I’m on Match.com

I’ve been on there since the end of February and I haven’t been having much luck. You would think someone who has such a witty blog fully of glowing insights about the state of the universe, would find a plethora of emails from match suitors in her inbox. But alas, I don’t. I do however, have a plethora of emails from Match.com regarding their “Stir Events” Perhaps you have seen the commercial for these. They are off line, (aka real world) events where match subscribers can meet. It’s a nice thing for those of us who are better in person than online (yes readers, I am even more awesome in real life if you can possible believe that!) Getting in to these events are next to impossible however. Match sends you an email and if you don’t react quickly, it sells out before you even get a chance to think about it. So of course when I saw one so close to home (most are in NYC / larger metropolitan areas), I jumped at the chance.

My event was a cooking class at the relatively new Sur La Table store at The Westchester Mall. I figured, worse case, I learn to cook something new. I have to say, I had A LOT of fun! The way it worked is that we paired off guy/girl at 5 stations around the kitchen, then for each part of the lesson the girls would move to a new station, so everyone got to meet – a cooking round robin if you will. The menu, arranged by the delightful Chef Erica Gorycki, included Paella with Chicken and Chorizo, Grilled Asparagus with Aioli, and Lemon and Marcona Almond cookies. You receive copies of all the recipes and an equipment list so you can try these at home (and of course support Sur La Table buying their goods). You also receive a coupon for 10% off any purchase you make the week of the event.

It was definitely a unique way to meet people and was a fun experience even though I didn’t have any love connections. I would definitely go back to Sur La Table for classes and highly recommend trying a cooking class with them. To look up classes in your area, click here. As far as the Match.com aspect of the event; there was no match.com representative there to help organize the event. They tell you to print out your tickets to bring with you, but there was no RSVP list or “check in” so you feel slightly unsure when you arrive. After the event, you get an email of all the people who had RSVP’d for the event so you can contact anyone of interest. I have another Stir Event in a few weeks with LH. This time it will be a Triva event. We will see how that goes….


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