Setting the Bar – My Under Armour “What’s Beautiful” Goals

After great reflection and internal debate, I finally set my goal for the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Competition. Actually, I set two goals.

First, I am going to do 100 push-up. The real kind, no modified girly push ups, hard core, bad ass, military style push-ups. Why? Why not! Push ups engage muscles in the chest, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles. My legs have gotten strong with my running, and my upper body has gotten stronger thanks to working with my wonderful personal trainer “D-block” but I could be doing better. Push ups are great because you don’t need anything but your body weight to do them so you have no excuses. The world record for non-stop push ups is 10,507 held by Minoru Yoshida of Japan, set in October of 1980. The category has since been changed to be called “Most pushups in 24 hours”. The record is 46,001 which is held by Charles Servizio and was completed in 21 hours, 6 minutes between April 24th and 25th of 1993. Currently, I can do 40 modified pushups in a row…. I have some work to do!

Second, I am going to shave 8 minutes off my half marathon time and run a half 2 hours and 30 minutes. Why? Well even though I had an incredibly respectable time of 2:36:55 at the Sleepy Hollow 1/2 Marathon last month, I was one of the last people to cross the finish line (830 out of 884). I was super proud of my time and my acomplishment, however I have to say it was a bit of a hit to my ego when I saw how far behind I was in the pack. I want to improve to a half marathon time that is less than 2:30. I did the math and I would need to shave 36 seconds off each mile. I think I can work towards that for the next two halves I have scheduled (Disneyland 1/2 in August and the Rock N Roll Vegas 1/2 in November)

Who’s entering with me?


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