Presented by Under Armour

Today, the good people at Under Armour sent me two emails about things I wanted to share with the Souzapalooza Community.

English: under armour hat
English: under armour hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, for all our readers looking for a summer internship (or those of you who know someone looking) Under Armour is conducting the “Under Armour Ultimate Intern” search. Two interns will be chose to work in areas of digital and social engagement at  UA. It is an amazing opportunity for students interested in a career in digital and /or sports marketing. Plus, it offers a 5K scholarship!  You can check out there press video here: Under Armour Ultimate Intern and follow this link to apply from April 5 – May 3 at If I didn’t have a job already (and I was still in college) I would totally apply to be a part of this unique experience!

Second, Under Armour is holding their What’s Beautiful 3.0 Contest. Sign up at  where you will set up a goal that you hope to achieve at the end of 9 weeks. By registering, you will have access to a community that will support you on your journey. It isn’t about being skinny like most sites, but rather, being a strong, healthy athlete.

Last year’s winner were, quite honestly, a bunch of bad assed women who crushed their goals. Take a peek at the winner’s video : Under Armour What’s Beautiful 2 – Winners. I don’t think I’d want to run in to any of them in a dark alley, let alone believe I could hold a candle against them in a competition. HOWEVER…. That’s not going to stop me!

Usually, this time of year, I declare the “Spring of Souzapalooza” where I reboot, set some fresh goals for the warm weather, and kick start the spring season. This seems like a good kick in the tuckus to get me there. Who’s with me?

I will announce my goals here on The Souzapalooza Blog, as well as with in the What’s Beautiful 3.0 Community with in the next week. Stay tuned!


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