Eight Down, Many More to Go…

I sent a link to my blog to a new friend so she could read about my experience at the Princess 1/2 Marathon, and she emailed me how much she liked my Bucket List. This made me realize how out of date my list was. In the past year, I have managed to cross EIGHT items off the list and haven’t told you about some of them! So let me bring you up to speed:

Bucket List Item #3 – Complete a 1/2 Marathon: Well we all know this happened on 2/24/13. If you haven’t read the details you can check them out by clicking on the link – Bow Down – Here Comes Princess Souzapalooza

Bucket List Item #5 – Visit my friends in San Francisco: I actually managed to get out to visit last spring. I tagged a few days on to a work trip so I could enjoy a weekend with them. I love them so much and wished they lived closer, but distance makes the heart grow fonder!

My Fabulous Friends from SF
My Fabulous Friends from SF!

Bucket List Item #6 – Ride in a Hot Air Balloon : Before we left Disney World on this last trip for PHM, My Other Sister, Special K and I all rode Characters in Flight, a tethered hot air balloon at Downtown Disney. We actually managed to get a groupon for this and thanks to the clear weather, we were all able to go and hover over the wonderful world of Disney. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the Magic Kingdom but you can see Epcot, the Tower of Terror and a few other sights.

Characters In Flight Hot Air Balloon
Characters In Flight Hot Air Balloon

Bucket List Item #9 – Stamp in My New Passport : I actually got two last spring! One entering Paris when I went with the Secret Agent WC and one entering England when I took the train from Paris to London. You can see photos from the trips via these links – I Love Paris in the Spring Time! and London Calling

Bucket List Item #20 -Sit behind home plate, in the on camera section, at a Yankee Game : I am giving myself credit for this one even though I wasn’t exactly in the spot I wanted, I was as close as I am probably ever going to get. Someone at my old job gave me their personal seats to take my family to a game. It was an ESPN Sunday Night Televised game against the Boston Red Sox. We sat in the Champion Suite seats just 40ft past first base. I got to see Jeter, Granderson, Swisher and Cano all warm up right in front of me. It was pretty amazing.

Ka-Ka and I at the Yankee Game
Ka-Ka and I at the Yankee Game

Bucket List Item #40 – See the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace: This also took place on the London leg of my European adventure. Not as exciting as I thought it would be, but an experience none the less. There are a lot more people involved in the English changing of the guard than there is in the one we saw in Spain, but both are wonderful traditions that should be experienced.

Bucket List Item #47 – Dine in the Dark: A bunch of us did this last year you can read everyone’s individual experiences here:

I have really accomplished a lot but there is still so much more I want to do! Obviously my next task is to update my Bucket List with more things!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Looking for ideas for your own bucket list? Check out Lesley Carter’s blog (which I read) – Here is her latest post – What’s Your Greatest Desire?


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