Bow Down – Here Comes Princess Souzapalooza

My Dearest Royal Readers – I am happy to announce that I am officially a Princess! After months of training, Sunday, February 24th 2013, I dominated the House of the Mouse, and reigned supreme as a finisher of the 2013 Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon! My Official Time – 2:44:55, a pace of 12:35. This time included a few short photo stops (nothing more than a minute) but I ran the entire thing!

Me & My Medal (and my post race breakfast cookie)
Me & My Medal
(and my post race breakfast cookie)

First off, can I just say what an awesome event this is? If you are considering entering a race – be it a 5K or 1/2 marathon, look in to a RunDisney event. They really do it up well! In my opinion, runDisney does everything in their power to make it a well organized and highly entertaining event for all participants. It isn’t an ultra competitive event. Sure, there is an elite division of runners who dominate the course with amazing speed; however, most runners really just come out to have a good time. This year’s winner was Rachel Booth finished the race in 1:17:38, breaking her record setting time from last year of 1:18:11.

This year, there were a lot of inspirational stories that we heard before the race started, including a 76 year old woman who is the record holder for 1/2 marathons in her age group. We also heard about Jenna Boyd who was the last person to cross the finish line at the Disneyland Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon and came to Orlando to do the Princess 1/2 and earn her Coast 2 Coast medal. A Coast to Coast medal (also known as a C2C ) is an honor given to participants who complete a 1/2 in both Disneyland and Disney World with in the same year. The Flash and I will hopefully be earning those in August when we finish the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. There were also celebrity participants – both actor Sean Astin, famous for the films Rudy and The Goonies (also earning a C2C medal this race), and Ali Vincent from TV’s The Biggest Loser, ran in the 1/2 (The Flash and I saw Ali, snapped a photo and smoked past her right before hitting Main Street in the Magic Kingdom).

Ali Vincent and The Flash - Its really hard to take pictures and run at the same time!
Ali Vincent and The Flash – Its really hard to take pictures and run at the same time!

My Other Sister and her friend, Special K, started in Corral B, The Flash and I were together in Corral C. The Flash and I have the same mindset about doing races with friends – You run your race, I’ll run mine, and we will meet up at the finish line – however, this race, we ended up sticking together for about 3/4 of the race. I lost her around mile 8 and didn’t see her until she was cloaked in her princess bling at the finish line.

Me & The Flash - In the corral C and ready to Conquer!
Me & The Flash – In the corral C and ready to Conquer!


I was able to catch up to Special K around the 9 mile mark. Special K ran the race with an ear infection and a cold and still dominated the field of runners. Of course, My Other Sister, was the speed demon amongst us. Once she starts running, she doesn’t stop till she hits the finish line. The joke is that she runs a different race than everyone else because she never seems to remember anything along the course. I think it is all a blur cause she runs so fast!

My Other Sister, Special K, and I  Post Race
My Other Sister, Special K, and I Post Race

I took pictures along the route in order to capture some of the magic we experienced. Here is a recap of the journey, including the Fairy Godmother’s send off of runners in Corral B!


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