February? Really?

I can’t believe a whole month has passed me by without stopping in to show some love to my blog! How horrible! Well, I better bring everyone up to speed…

My new job is just wonderful!! I rarely have to stay late and if I do, it is only till about 6pm. Usually I bounce out the door and towards the gym by 5pm. It is such a blessing after my time (and unofficial overtime) at the Internet company that shall not be named.

I have been training my tush off for the Princess Half Marathon which is only 16 days away. I’m going to be running again with My Other Sister and one of her friends that helped me talk her in to another race. To train, I have been “competing” via the Nike+ app with my friend “The Flash” I met the Flash coming home from my Tower of Terror 10 Mile race. She commented on my commemorative pin from the race as we were boarding the plane; she and her brother had run the race as well. When I got off the plane, I saw her again at the luggage carousel and gave her my email and number to possibly run the Sleepy Hollow 10K together.


Me, The Flash & Her Friend getting ready to "Run for Our Lives" at the Sleepy Hollow 10K

Me, The Flash & Her Coworker getting ready to “Run for Our Lives” at the Sleepy Hollow 10K

She has become a good friend and a great motivator to help get my sneakers hitting the pavement more often. It’s funny how the world works sometimes, isn’t it?With her I have committed to running 13 races (of various lengths) in 2013. I have 2 down, eleven to go!  I am going to make a page to track them so keep checking back!

The Flash and I will both be at the PHM and will be doing the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland this August. This is a two-day event where we run a 10K on Saturday and a 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. This event will yield us FOUR… count ’em… FOUR race medals!! 1) Finishing the 10K, 2) Finishing the 1/2, 3) Finishing BOTH (the double dare), and 4) Finishing a “Coast to Coast” – meaning doing a Disneyworld and a Disneyland race in the same year. Pretty awesome for any runner and Disney fan.

February is a big month – Super Bowl, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, National Short Stack Day (it’s a real thing), Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake) as well as the birthdays of my stepdad and my Aunt Sweetie (I think she is going to be 29 again). I know I already missed the boat on the Super Bowl (actually I didn’t watch it, I started watching the Walking Dead Season 1 marathon and now I’m hooked on zombies) and I missed National Short Stack Day (which is OK cause I’m cutting out carbs for a while) but I will try to keep up with the rest of the month’s events!

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6 thoughts on “February? Really?”

  1. You know how they always say you’ll meet the man of your dreams when you least expect it? I guess that’s true for meeting REALLLY cool people =)
    Looking forward to the princess! ..and the Dumbo… and a ton of other races lol

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