All’s Fair in Love and Coffee – Green Mountain Fair Trade BzzAgent Campaign

So as you all know, I am a Buzz Agent – I sign up to tests product and share my two cents about them. This month, I was give a box of samples from Green Mountain Coffee‘s Fair Trade Certified line

Fair Trade Certified coffee not only tastes like a good cup of coffee, but it is also good for your soul. Why? By purchasing Fair Trade Coffee, you are helping coffee farmers to have a better quality of life. Fair trade helps the coffee bean farmers get a fair price for their coffee, improves their working conditions, assists in protecting the environment, and supports community development for the area (including new schools, roads, health clinics, and safe drinking water). So while you are getting your morning caffeine kick, you are helping to change the lives of coffee farmers.

The Fair Trade coffee comes in a variety of flavors. In my testing kit, I received four different keurig cups – Sumatran Reserve (on the Bold side), Columbian Fair Trade Select, Vermont Country blend (my personal favorite) and a Wild Berry Blend which I didn’t try simply because I don’t think my coffee should taste of fruit.

Fair Trade Month was in October and celebrities were out spreading the word about Free Trade during live performances. Grace Potter (she sings that Paris…Oooh La La song – if you don’t know it check it out here ) and Michael Franti (he sings the Say Hey  – check it out here and then down load his album Sound of Sunshine which is AMAZING) teamed up with Green Mountain and visited Columbia and Sumantra’s fair trade communities.

So when you tumble out of bed,  and stumble in the kitchen to pour yourself a cup of ambition coffee before you head out to your 9 to 5, make sure it is a Fair Trade cup and make a difference in someone’s life.


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