Tackling The Tower of Terror 10 Miler

I’m a little late on getting this post out; there has been a lot going on with me, which I will up date you all on later. I have a very exciting accomplishment to share with you, dear readers. Souzapalooza has completed her first “long distance” race: Run Disney’s Tower of Terror 10 Mile race!

Fireworks at the Start of the Race

My Other Sister and I flew down to Walt Disney World and ran Disney’s inaugural, night-time, villan themed race. It spanned from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, down the highway to the Animal Kingdom, back down the highway in to the Wild World of Sports, and finally through the Hollywood Studios, crossing the finish line in the shadow of the Tower of Terror.

Being that this was our first Run Disney event, we had no frame of reference to compare this race to. A great deal of others complained about the lack of entertainment on the course. I think Disney may have had some challenges in this department since you could see both sides of the highway as you ran, so any entertainment was not necessarily a surprise, as a result. In addition, because a majority of the race was on the highway, there weren’t a lot of people cheering from the side lines beyond the amazing volunteers pumping us full or water and powerade; and thank god for them because it was hot and humid out there! In addition, there was a “Villans Bash” right after the race. This was not great for us. We were both completely exhausted, sweaty and gross (even after changing – the changng tents had to be 100 degrees inside!) We were just way too tired, sore, and slightly dehydrated to enjoy the after party.

I didn’t sign up for this race with a specific completion time in mind. My goal was just to finish. To get across the finish line and not have the “slow cart” pick me up. Well I did it!! My official time was 2 hours, 7 minutes, and 43 seconds. Not bad for a girl who thought the slow cart was going to pick her up! I had a great race, I took my time and didn’t push myself to hard. I walked when I needed to and hydrated at every stop (which was about every 1.5 miles)

I did it and I have the medal to prove it!

Since I now know I can run 10, 13.1 shouldn’t be too much harder so we signed up to do the Princess Half Marathon in February. My Other Sister’s friend (who I have yet to assign a nickname to), after hearing all my hype, is also going to run with us. Maybe this time, we will wear costumes!


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