All You Need is Love (and Bob Wiley)

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend Doc’s sister-in-law, the Firedancer’s wedding. I drove up to New Hampshire (which you have to say ala Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) in the film What About Bob?) on Saturday. I got to watch as she married the love of her life in front of all of her friends and family.

I’ve never had so much fun at a wedding before. There was great music, great people, and nothing but love surrounding the bride and groom. I was with old friend, new friend and even made a few over the course of the evening. I can’t explain how incredibly moved I was by the genuine glowing love that the bride and groom have for each other.

So to Mr & Mrs Firedancer – I wish you guys nothing but a lifetime of love, happiness, and good time ahead. I am so glad I got to celebrate with you!

The New Mr. & Mrs Firedancer

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