Dinning in the Dark with Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown’s perspective on Dinning in the Dark
Dinning in the dark was an exciting experience, that I was fortunate to share with my good friend Souzapalooza.  The idea was one of Souzapalooza’s bucket-list items and I am grateful to have been a guest.  The idea and concept of “dinning in the dark” was not foreign to me.  While an R.A. in college, I was required to participate in a training day where I was blindfolded and had to complete everyday tasks without sight, in anticipation of a blind student moving into the residence hall.
While dining, I was not nervous about what might happen but I was concerned about putting food into my mouth that I could not see.  This became a moot point because I gently touched the food on my plate and was able to identify some items simply by touch, then taste (i.e. shrimp, jello, bread).  It dawned on me that an individual who may have been blind from birth would not be able to identify shapes or food items because they wouldn’t know what to expect or have something to reference too.  The restaurants entrance, was a modern bar with typical tasty but overpriced drinks.  My party was guided to our table by our server who had lost his sight in a tragic violent accident when he was in his 20’s.  His enthusiasm and confidence provided a sense of trust and relaxation as he guided each of us to our seats and explained where our utensils were.
Dining in the dark is an amazing opportunity for several reasons including; providing the visually impaired with employment opportunities that would not otherwise exist; allows each individual the chance to understand what it is like to tackle daily obstacles that we take for granted (i.e. pouring a glass of water, walking from room to room, choosing food when there is no way to see what your choices are).  It’s also amazing to have such an opportunity and share it with friends and acquaintances as they have this same experience for the first time.

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