Ka-Ka’s Dinning in the Dark Experience

Dinning in the dark was an intriguing experience. At first I felt very anxious, I was anticipating the worst. However LH was nervous enough for all of us so I didn’t really express my anxiety. The event and the experience was very well organized. I expected the food to taste amazing since the other senses were dull. However this wasn’t the case. I had a very difficult time figuring out what I was eating all the tastes just sort of blended to together. I think spending so much time figuring out how to eat without dropping food and where the food was on the plate took away from the experience. I would have never ate what they have given me if i knew in advance what it was. At the end when i found out I felt very sick to my stomach. I think if you could pick your meal it might have been brought a positive to the experience. If you know what its suppose to taste like there might have been a better comparison level to whether the effect of not seeing positively impacted the taste of the food. Over all I wouldn’t have changed the experience … I can now say I have dined in the dark.


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