My Thoughts on the Dinner in the Dark – by ShortyRock

This is a review of our Dinning in the Dark experience by my friend Shorty Rock:

ShortyRock and I at a Bret Michaels Concert a few years ago


My first thoughts when Souzapalooza first sent me an email about dinner in the dark I didn’t particularly really think it through before I agreed.  I’m more of a spur of the moment kind of person.  So I seriously did not know what to expect or what to even make of it, or even think it fully through.
So after the forms were filled out and such and we lined up I really still didn’t think much of this experience except it will be something to always remember.  As we walked in and once we hit the curtain where Sam ( the guide) said it will be the darkest ever was then a slight tinge of anxiety came over me.
First thought came to my head OMG how long will this dinner be, I can’t believe I truly can’t see anything not even 1 finger in front of my eyes.  When I sat down it then started to pass like OK this is not going to be bad. Then when I found out we had to pour the water well I didn’t think I could do it because I didn’t want to make a mess.  Well good thing for Souzapalooza saying you can do it, try it and bam it was a breeze.
I kept my eyes opened the whole time and kept seeing like it seemed white clouds, it was probably my eyes adjusting to the darkness.  When we were sitting there I had to remember any conversations we had you could not smile or nod, you had to actually say yes or no, because no one can see your facial expressions or if you are looking for something.  Your senses are so heightened I could hear someone crunching on what they were eating.  I went to break a piece of bread apart and I didn’t feel if it was hot, and all of a sudden I was realizing you have to be careful because you can’t see the steam.
As I was eating I didn’t realize that I might possibly eat something that I  probably normally wouldn’t eat.  I picked the blue plate which was fish.  As I bit into a shrimp I knew right away it was a shrimp and then started to feel less alarmed that they would give me odd things to eat.  At that point for the first course I didn’t even think of using my hands too much until I got to the second course. The second course was great until I had something really slimy and I took one bit and that was the end of it.  I didn’t know what it was but the constancy made me just turn away from it altogether.  As the dessert came, because I smelt warm Cinnamon right away I thought Apples are definitely in here, but they weren’t then I didn’t know there were 2 other items until I took a bit of something and BAM it was the tartiest piece of food I ever ate, it hit me right in the back of the mouth by the jaw line.  It was strawberry preserves with yogurt, but when you aren’t the least bit expecting it it truly made me say out loud WOW that is tarty!
Once we walked out it was great and saw the pictures of what we ate was not bad at all.  I would definitely experience it again.  It gave you a true appreciation of having all of your senses.

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