Dinning in the Dark – The Souzapalooza Experience

|Source = Own work |Date = 2006-05-26 |Author = A.M.R.

A few months back, there was a Bloomspot deal for dinner at Dans Le Noir. Dans Le Noir is a relatively new restaurant in Manhattan, where you eat in the dark. Let me be clear, not in dim lighting, or candle light, but PITCH BLACK DARKNESS. Have you tried this? This has been one of my bucket list items since seeing it on Rock of Love years ago.

Here is how it works. Everyone meets in the bar area, where we go over the menu which is limited to four pre-fixed meals – Red (for meat eaters), Green (for vegetarians), Blue (for seafood lovers), and White (which has no limits – it is pretty much the Chef’s choice as to what you get). The staff also reviews if you have any allergies or food preferences to make sure you get a meal that is safe and to your liking. Once that is established, you are ushered to a locker room to secure your valuables and any light exuding items such as watches or cell phones. Then we are lined up and asked to follow our visually impaired server to our seats in the light sealed room.

Eating in the dark is an amazing experience. Just navigating the table and your interactions with your fellow diners is a feat in its self. Where is your silverware? Where is your napkin? Who is sitting across from you? Where is the water? How do I not spill it all over myself? Is anyone listening to me speaking? How to I get someone’s attention with out completely interrupting them? How do I find the food on my plate? Is this chicken? What am I chewing?

I invited 5 people to tag along with me. I asked everyone to write a review to post of the blog since each persons experience is very unique. I have two of them – some people were slackers – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!  However, those I did receive will be posted over the next few days; hopefully you will be influenced in to trying Dans Le Noir for yourself.



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