My Summer Vacation

It is now here! The time of year that all the kids are out of school and get to celebrate Summer Vacation! Gosh how I wish I had one. Sadly, being a member of corporate america, I get the standard two weeks worth of vacation and work 9-6 Monday through Friday the other 50 weeks of the year.


However, just because I don’t have the two month recess that my little friend Pam has to recoup from the strain of first grade and prepare for second grade, that doesn’t mean I am going to be a slave to the corporate grind. I have a few things planed:

  • I am taking a tone and burn class at the gym – the same one I signed up for in March. I have been enjoying it so I enrolled in another eight week session
  • I am taking an art class – it is a two session class where I am going to replicate a painting – should be interesting after my Bob Ross experience
  • I am dinning in the dark with a few friends – Don’t worry, I will tell you all about it
  • I am training for my 10 mile Disney Tower of Terror race in September – I have already logged 33 miles during the month of June!
  • I am trying out a new restaurant – MP Taverna – with the Doc to celebrate her summer vacation (she needs to recoup from her school year too!)
  • I am having tea at the Plaza just like Eloise – a special date in celebration of my little friend Pam’s 7th birthday.

So what are YOU doing for your summer vacation!


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