Run For The Wild – Please Donate

I don’t like to solicit my readers, but I am doing this race and raising money for a great cause so please consider supporting me. No donation is too small!


You know what’s tawny gold, furry all over and just plain awesome? Lions. Really – can you look at the picture below and tell me they’re not awesome (and just a little bit adorable)?


But do you know what’s not awesome? Lions are in crisis in the wild.

Facing indiscriminate hunting, habitat and prey loss, and persecution by local herders, lions’ range in the wild is collapsing. Whole countries and ecosystems have lost their wild lion populations – and more countries could be next if we don’t do something.

So, I am doing something: I’m running to help save lions at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo.

That’s right – on April 28, I will be trekking a full 5 kilometers to raise money for WCS’s efforts to save lions and other threatened wildlife at the Bronx Zoo and around the world. And I – and lions – need your help.

WCS is working in some of lions’ last holdouts with grassroots projects that restore tolerance for lions and assist herders in protecting their livestock. They also help monitor lion ranges and protect the park sanctuaries that these big cats call home.

It’s an incredible organization doing vital work for a majestic feline. That’s why I’m running – and that’s why I’d appreciate your support so much.

Thanks in advance – I can’t wait to tell you about my run through the Bronx Zoo!


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