Bucket list 2012

The things we hope to accomplish in our lives can change depending on where we are in our lives. In high school, your focus may be limited to passing Physics and who your going to the prom with. College things shift to a slightly bigger picture consisting of choosing a major and figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. Now as a adult, society would dictate that I should be focused on buying a home, settling down with a mate, or even having children. I can’t think about all that just yet so instead I have come up with a new set of random items I hope to accomplish. here are some things I’m adding to my list and I hope to achieve in my lifetime – which I hope will be long, healthy, and prosperous.

2012 Bucket List Additions

Run 5 races this year – ( already have two lined up, first being April 28th for the WCS if you’d like to make a donation – http://e.wcs.org/goto/CSouza )
Go on vacation – at this point I’m so burnt out ill take anywhere
Finish the double black diamond trail at the zip line place – I had so much fun and such a sense of accomplishment the first visit I want to go back and rock it!
Eat at the Russian Tea Room – Jobin and I actually bought a bloomspot deal for this so it should be quick to cross off the list
Take more photos – I have been neglecting me camera since last summer, I need to make some time to get it back out
Visit the wonders of the world – Great Wall, Petra, Christ the Redemer Statue, Manchu Picchu, Chichen Itza (I was close to this one when the Secret Agent and I vacationed in the Rivera Maya but the weather was iffy so we passed), Taj Mahal, and Great Pyramid of Giza. I’ve already seen the colosseum back in 1995 so I can check that one off
See the Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park
Get to my goal weight – my current job has taken years off my life from stress and added 12lbs to my waist; I’m in the process of getting back to my pre-current job weight but it takes time
Bowl three strikes in a row (real bowling not wii bowling) I’m not a great bowler but I enjoy it so I’d like to set this goal to get me to bowl more often – I’m going to recruit Ka-Ka and The Wizard on this one.
Ride in a hot air balloon – I’ve always wanted to ever since I was a little kid
Go to the opera – Jobin and I have talked about this, we need to make it happen.
Go on a date with a nice guy – I figure if I write it down at least I will keep it in mind. It’s been busy and I have been more focused on improving me than becoming a “we” (which isn’t a bad thing) but I don’t want my courtship skills to get rusty
Obtain four clients for my Health Coaching Business this year – I have a few plans in the works on how to spread the word about Motivated Turtle
Update my workout play list – another “if I write it down I will keep it in mind to do” It so simple but I just haven’t gotten around to it
Visit the Grand Canyon – I’ve been so close to it on my trips to Vegas, I just need to go see it.
Take a knife skills class – I think it would be a practical life skill and I might actually learn to cut onions with out bawling my eyes out.
Grow my own veggies – I will need my own space and dirt for this one


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