The Things We Take For Granted

This week I realized how many things I take for granted. It isn’t intentional in any way. I think people become accustom to having certain things and you end up just thinking it is the norm, rather than realizing it is an advantage, a blessing, and something to be grateful for because not everyone has these things. Right now I’m going to take a moment to ground myself and say thanks for a few of the things I am thankful for:

  • My Eyes – Sight is probably the most dominant of our senses. How else would you be reading this post? How would you point and click your way around the internet? The Nook & Ipad would be useless to you.
  • My Mobility – I can get around independently with out the use of a cane, crutches, walker, or rascal scooter. I don’t need help or assistance to get where I need to.
  • My Financial Stability – I can pretty much take care of my self – I wouldn’t say I feel 100% secure, but I am stocking away my pennies to get there.
  • My Independence – In tandem with my mobility and financial stability is my independence. I can do what I want, when I want. Come and go as I please. I answer to no one.
  • My Health – Everything does what it is supposed to do with out the assistance of medications or machines
  • My Family – who would be there are a moments notice if any of the other items I am grateful for should start to deteriorate
  • My Friends  – who care about me and support me even when I don’t respond right away.
Have you taken a moment to give thanks today? 

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