I’m A Terrible Aunt

Yesterday I worked a 12 hour day, 15 door to door thanks to the off peak train. It was completely out of my control. After an incredibly challenging day with the team I support, I had to wait for data from my counterparts in other regions who were dilly dallying ( 9 in NY is only 6 in CA after all)
Frustrated and tired on my train ride home, I was reading a magazine (I can’t concentrate on a book after a long day like that). There was an ad for runDisney, a series of races in the Disney parks. It made me think of my vacation with my nieces and nephew. It makes me sad our trip seems like forever ago yet it was only 7 months ago.
Thinking of our trip, I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of my nephew. It was a rough trip for him. First ride at Disney was a Finding Nemo ride in Epcot. No one warned him about the sharks which caused him to burst in to hysterics. (I will share that a similar situation occurred with me on the Snow White ride circa 1984 in which as an adult i still refuse to ride it) This incident caused him to be apprehensive to every ride we went on.
The thing that made me smile on my ride home, was thinking about when we took him to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. There he is sitting next to me on his chair, eating his chicken fingers (or what ever they are in the rainforest – parrot bones or something silly like that) . All of the sudden I’m looking at him and almost slow motion, I watch as he falls off his chair for no apparent reason. He wasn’t rocking in it, or screwing around, one minute he was in the chair, the next he was in the floor. It was completely random. We all took a fit of laughter. My nephew was not happy at us at all. Not only was his bottom brushed, but so were is feelings cause we all laughed at him. We really didn’t mean to laugh at him bit it was just so funny.
I’m sure when he can read the Souzapalooza Blog, he is not going to be happy that his auntie shared this story about him. However, I hope he will be able to forgive me when he realizes that the best part of my day was thinking about him.



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