Dr Oz 48 Hour Cleanse – 48 Hours Later

As I mentioned on Sunday, I decided to try Dr. Oz’s 48 hour cleanse. Here are my thoughts –

  • Although I got to eat on this detox, I was still hungry. Dr Oz gives you the option to eat fresh veggies like beans, cucumbers and radishes. I didn’t get hungry till after 7pm when Dr. Oz suggests not to eat. Go figure.
  • This detox did not make me spend a lot of quality time in the bathroom – nice perk. Some detoxes have that effect on people, this was a pleasant bonus. I did have a bit of gas after dinner though (noisy not smelly – hey I have to give you guys the facts!)
  • Quinoa & Prunes were good, Blueberry Smoothie was good, Pineapple & Kale juice delicious, Veggie soup was a complete fail. It smells nasty, looks grey, and I did not enjoy it. (My mom & Stepdad tried it too – their soup was purple because they used red cabbage)
  • Surprisingly, I lost 3 pounds. Not sure it this was coincidence or detox based but it was great to see the scale slide. I wasn’t expecting a weight loss since I really didn’t feel a significant change to  my body, but it was nice to see.
Red cabbage
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Has anyone else tried Dr. Oz’s 48 Hour Cleanse? What were your thoughts and results?


20 thoughts on “Dr Oz 48 Hour Cleanse – 48 Hours Later”

  1. As stated above we tried this detox too. I enjoyed the Quinoa (w/ prunes. Thanks to our daughter, Quinoa is one of my new favorite grains but make sure you rinse it well or it can be bitter> The smoothy was great . The pineapple/kale juice grew on me. I served it in a fancy glass and minus it’s swamp-green color it was really tasty. Don’t know what or how much was detoxed we got but all in all it was a positive / healthy experience and we can brag to our grandchildren that we late purple soup..Dr Oz got it over Dr Seuss! Love you Souzapalooza, keep up the good work ~love mommy

  2. I just came across your blog. I am planning on doing this cleanse very soon. Thanks for posting results and effects! I have been scouring the web for any effects because my sister told me I’d be stuck on the toilet all weekend if I did it! I didn’t really believe her, but since I will be home alone with my 3 year old and 11 month old I didn’t want to risk it! haha! thanks for posting this!

  3. I thought everything was delicious except the soup. I used green cabbage and didn’t strain it. The instructions weren’t clear, or that portion was omitted. I suspect because he called it a broth, that he thought he didn’t need that instruction. In any event, the soup was pretty nasty, so I wonder if I dd something wrong. I make and eat a lot of soups, so I’ll figure out some way to salvage the costs to make on this one.

    I really enjoyed the sauerkraut and apple, so I have at least that to look forward to.

    Also, no bathroom runs for me either. But I feel good overall. I even did a two mile walk.

  4. Just finished day one. Quinoa and prunes was surprisingly good! Agree about the soup. Yuk! I chopped an apple and added it to the cooked soup. Helped. No big bathroom runs for me either. Some gas, but tolerable. We’ll see what day 2 brings.

  5. Today is day one for me. Quinoa and prunes were tolerable. Smoothie ok and made great use of my new nutribullet! The soup is just awful. Maybe I chopped everything to small. Too much of an onion taste? I may have to throw a can of tomatoes in it. I like the standard diet cabbage soup much better. No gas …but lots of time in the bathroom today.

  6. I was really excited a out this cleanse and expected positive results. What has happened is that I ache all over and nauseated. I ate and drank everything suggested even though it wasn’t particularly taste. Is something else going on with me or is this caused by the detox diet? I felt fine before starting it and had big hopes that I would feel even better.

    1. This is interesting. I know you are well done with the cleanse but everytime I try and modify my diet drastically which I think the 48 hour cleanse is mildly drastic, I get sick. When I did another type of cleanse about 6 months ago, I was sick as a dog, streph, which I never get, sinus and a cold. The doctor and I believe I stressed out my body with the diet. Hope it worked for you!

  7. Today is day one for me on the cleanse. The qunioa for breakfast was an acquired taste, but it was not as bad as I thought it might be. Since my juicer has not arrived yet, I tried the alternative detox drink which is made with pneapple, lemon and pomegranate blend. I actually liked the taste of this. I also had the fresh veggies snack and this was not bad either (this was actually the first time I ate raw green beans). I did not like the fact that there were no measurements for the dressing. So I made the equivalent to approximately 2 tbsp to put on my veggies and will prepare the dressing as I ready to have this snack (do not want to put a large amount of dressing on the veggies all at once). I definitely liked the smoothie for lunch. Since I don’t eat bananas, I used an additional 1/4 cup of blueberries. The soup is cooking as I write this reply. The reason I came across this blog is because I don’t know if you are supposed to eat the vegetables in the soup or just the broth. Can someone please let me know, before I have it for dinner? I definitely want to finish eating before 7PM. Thanks!

  8. I started this detox today. I am having much difficulty finishing my quinoa breakfast. Maybe it’s because I didn’t buy the flax seed oil? Anyway, it’s making me nauseous trying to finish it. I’m looking forward to the smoothies today and trying raw vegetables. I haven’t eaten a radish since I was a kid! I did drink my coffee this morning but instead of loading it with cream and sugar, I used rice milk and stevia. Not the same but I needed my caffeine fix. I also am drinking lemon water with mint. I took my measurements and weight this morning to see if it will help with my weight loss goal.

  9. At the end of day 2. Quinoa and prunes were difficult to take day 1, but ok today. Enjoyed eating the raw veges and loved the lunchtime smoothie. Also the pineapple,lemon and pomegranate juice. Didnt make the soup, lightly stir fried the veges instead with the dressing from raw veges. Lots of muscle aches this evening. Hopefully wake up fresh tomorrow. Hoping to now to kickstart my weight loss.

  10. Almost day 2 done of the cleanse. My hubby and I are doing this together. This morning my scale showed a 2 pound loss. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow morning brings.
    This is what I did differently on day two.. i chopped up raddishs, cukes, celery and raw green beans. I mixed together lemon juice and oil with some salt and drizzed it over cut up veggies. Surprisingly yummy, better then eating seperatley. The quinoa with prunes.. i didn’t like buy my husband was fine with it. The smoothies were yummy. I don’t like the soup much but mine didn’t turn purple cause I used green cabbage and the paprika changed the color to reddish. Chopped everything small and cooked. Not too bad and the thing that surprised me was the sauerkraut and apples, Loveed it!!! I’ve had a detox headache for two days, this sucks so I had to have coffee. Green tea didn’t take it away. I mmay try for day three. Have not gone to the bathroom #2 at all. Just a whole lot of #1 but drinking plenty of water. I added cut cukes to my water for flavor and its pretty good. My kids are drinking it too.

  11. Trying to choke down the Quinoa and prunes now! The texture is horrible! I was actually excited about the cabbage soup until I started reading reviews. Evidently it is nasty, that is just great! This is not going well at all! Hopefully it will get better, I can do anything for two days right?

  12. My husband and I are finishing day 1… we’re both starving and have NO energy. We are dreaming of a big steak dinner 🙂 Both loved the quinoa and the shakes (I thought he’d HATE them). Soup is cooking right now, fingers crossed this goes well. I’m hoping to be able to stick with it one more day.

  13. Just finished day 1: I actually liked the quinoa & prunes. Might add a little more nutmeg tomorrow. The veggies were ok. Loved the blueberry smoothie with chia seeds! Had a hard time with the green drink. Since I don’t have a juicer, I made it in my blender & at first it was awful & super thick. I added some water & ice & blended it for a long home till it got super smooth. I think this is key. I drank about half of it throughout the day. I also made the pomegranate drink and loved it! I’ve had a terrible headache for about 6 hours now. Drank some tea, took an Excederin and later some ibuprofen, but nothing has youched it. My MIL says that could mean the detox is working. Doesn’t make me feel much better cuz I’m not sure if I can sleep. I thought the soup was okay. I didn’t strain it, but ate the veggies. The cabbage was big & I had to add more water. Not my favorite. The sourcrout (sp?) and apples were good! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  14. Day 1: I really enjoyed breakfast. I had some of the raw juice suggestions for snacks. I really started to get hungry at lunch, and although I thought it tasted good, I was not satisfied in terms of killing my hunger, but I hung in there anyways, and stayed the course. For the dinner I was eating all the ingredients while i was chopping them up to put in the pot. It smelled soooo good while it was cooking in the pot. However it really lacked in taste, but it got the job done, and I actually felt full. I still had plenty of leftovers and decided to save that for day 2. FYI…. you’ll probably have tons of leftover stuff to eat after the 2 days. So keep that in mind while shopping.

    Day 2: I was able to whip up breakfast easily and enjoyed it. I felt really good during day 2, and was not hungry till around dinner time. At dinner I heated up yesterdays leftover soup. I finished it completely, broth and all. I think because I had more broth and it was leftovers… it caused me to be tethered to the toilet for a good half an hour. I don’t think that is supposed to happen, but I survived it non the less and felt fantastic when I woke up on Monday. I felt like i had a full detox. I most definitely lost weight, and I feel like it’s easier for me to eat healthier after going through what felt like a diet boot camp.

  15. I have completed the cleanse…..and did it with a few modifications.
    I had my normal Tazo chai latte to start the day. Could not give that up !
    I enjoyed all the parts of the cleanse……I chose the pineapple juice concoction as an alternative to the kale mix.

    I did have the smoothie for lunch and ate the veggies with the marinade all day.

    HOWEVER, having read the opinions about the awful soup I decided to make the WW Garden Vegetable Soup instead and it was delicious.

    There was so much quinoa from the first breakfast….I could only eat 1/3 of it at a breakfast,,,,,I tossed it into my soup ( ate the prunes first) and it was the best.

    I feel great after the two days.
    I’m confident that I have reset my body and will try to be more mindful of my food choices, especially those carbs that call to me.

    I would encourage anyone to do this.
    Easy peasy………and no bathroom runs at all.

  16. Started the detox today – so far so good. I actually enjoyed the lunch smoothie and soup. After reading all the posts I thought it would horrible but to be honest I actually enjoyed it. I did however add cayenne pepper which added a little kick. Give yourself some time for the preparation for the soup…start to finish close to two hours.

    All is good!!!

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