Internal Spring Cleaning

Since we are springing ahead today, I wanted to take note of another spring trend I have been noticing – spring cleansing. A lot of people around my office and around the “interweb” have starting doing some cleanses and detox dieting. I think everyone wants to get rid of some of the extra weight from our winter hibernation, clean out and reset their digestion, and try to feel a bit lighter over all. It is a get things started to on your way to getting beach ready for summer.

A lot of people around my office have been doing the Blue Print Cleanse. The Blue Print Cleanse is a 3 day juicing fast. They provide you with 6 juices per day. You can choose straight juicing or juicing with dinner at the end of the day. They have a few different programs that you can follow depending what your body, and goals are. You can order your juices and have them delivered directly to you or now they are available at Whole Foods per bottle (however, each bottle is close to $9 – If you have a juicer you may want to try doing it yourself instead!)

English: Photo of Dr.Oz at the Time 100 Gala.
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I’ve decided to skip the juice fast and try Dr Oz’s 48 Hour Cleanse. What I like about Dr. Oz’s cleanse is that you actually eat as opposed to juicing all day long. For my body, I really need to have a filling feeling, juice on its own makes me a little dizzy, nauseous and way bitchier than usual. In addition, Dr Oz’s program is only two days, everything is natural, and it is pretty easy to prepare. This cleanse provides your internal detoxifying system (your liver, colon and kidneys) supportive nutrients to help do their job unlike other cleanses that can do more damage than good, by putting your body in to a starvation mode.

Dr Oz’s program starts with a breakfast of Quinoa with Prunes, followed by a lunch smoothie made of almond milk, banana and blueberries, and a dinner of a vegetable soup made of rich detoxifying vegetable such as cabbage, fennel, garlic, and onions paired with a side of sauerkraut and apples. Of course, if you do get hungry, you can snack on fresh veggies of radishes, celery, cucumbers, and green beans as well as a fresh Pineapple Kale juice full or digestive enzymes.

I’ll let you know how I feel in two days….


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