BuzzAgent Review – Dr Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza

I have been enrolled in another BuzzAgent campaign; this time, I am reviewing Dr Oetker‘s Ristorante Pizza. Dr Oetker was an actual doctor who developed and distributed his over brand of baking soda. Five generation’s later, the Dr Oetker brand now makes quite a few more items, including a delicious pizza.

My (slightly well done on one side) Spinaci Pizza

I have to say, I tried two versions of this pizza, the Mozzarella and the Spinaci. The Mozzarella version was their basic pie. It is mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and a pesto sauce. The Spinaci version is covered in generous mounds of spinach, mozzarella cheese and a garlic sauce. Both were really tasty!

It is a thin crust pizza which doesn’t get to crisp like some frozen pizzas do. It is the perfect crust. A point of contention for me when it comes to frozen pizza for me is cheese. I feel most frozen pizza is lacking in the cheese department but Dr Oetker’s pies have a generous amount of cheese. The Mozzarella version has seven, large circles of cheese covering almost 95% of the pie. And it isn’t cheese that falls off in one bite, it stays on the slice! These pies are very flavorful and pretty filling. One pie is 3 portions – but who can cut a pizza in to thirds? I cut it in half and it is plenty for a meal.

I am not one for eating prepackaged foods, but I HIGHLY recommend Dr Oetker’s Pizza

There are 6 varieties to try –

  • Mozzarella
  • Spinaci
  • Funghi (Mushroom)
  • Quattro Formaggin (Four Cheese – edam, mozzarella, emmental, & blue cheese)
  • Vegetale (tomato, peppers, onions, & chilies)
  • Speciale (pepporoni & ham)

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