Takin’ What They Givin’ Cause I’m Workin’ For A Livin’

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Even Huey Lewis & the News can’t pull my out of this funk…

I’ve come to the realization that a good portion of my week is spent completely miserable. I am trying hard to make the best of my situation, but I am really unhappy. I took a position knowing that I wasn’t going to be thrilled, but I thought I could make the best of it, a means to an end to get back in to the workforce. However, I think it is slowly sucking the life out of me.

I’m not a slacker. Anyone who knows me or has ever worked with me, would never use that word to describe me or my work ethic. I give my work 110%, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough in this role. They always want more. There is no comradery. I work in a bubble, feeling isolated most days, from both my colleagues and the teams I support.

I am working till 8 at least two nights a week, and still can’t get through all the tasks that need to be completed. I know a lot of people work late, and I don’t mind doing it now and then, but there has to be some work/life balance. I have been given the approval to being on a temp, but I have a feeling that is going to lighten my load just enough to add more responsibilities to my shoulders.

I am becoming this horrible, snippy, unhappy person. I am exhausted all the time and I’ve gained 12lbs being strapped to my desk 10-12 hours a day. I barely see my friends or my family. I look forward to the weekend desperately although most are spent cleaning up the mess I ignored most of the week.

I know a lot of people are probably reading this and thinking I should be grateful that I have a job, and I am very grateful. But is  this what the economy driving the work environment towards? Over working employees so they burn out 6 months on the job?



2 thoughts on “Takin’ What They Givin’ Cause I’m Workin’ For A Livin’”

  1. As someone who has been on the job hunt for far too long I wanted to say I didn’t at any point while reading this post think “she should just be happy to have a job.” I still do not regret leaving the job I wasn’t happy with even though it guaranteed me a paycheck & benefits. I hope you are looking to make a change. Any company would be ecstatic to have you!

  2. Unfortunately you are not alone. Company’s are overloading their employees, paying less and expecting way to much. I believe the economy has forced them to this or at least I hope that is the reason. There are way to many people out of work so if you don’t want to do the job, they really don’t care they will just hire someone else. Doesn’t matter how good you are, how much work you do or how late you work. They will suck the blood out of you if they can. Companys are also trying to hire part timers for the same job so they don’t have to pay benefits. It saves them money. It’s a jungle out there!! I always say to myself, “Put your Big Girl Panties on and go get them!” So I say to you..Put your Big Girl Panties on and find something you will love and be happy at. Your new exciting future is a fingertip away you just have to grap it!!! I know you can do it!! Remember this is coming from someone who was unemployed for 2 years. I didn’t think I would be happy doing this type of job again but this time I’ve learned how to balance personal time and business time. I’m not allowing my job to control my life..I’m in the drivers seat! I’m happy and so is my employer.. so far so good! 🙂 You can find the same you just have to look.

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