Flippin’ Flapjacks – It was National Pancake Day!

IHOP - National Free Pancake Day
IHOP - National Free Pancake Day (Photo credit: heyrocc)

Yesterday was IHOP’s National Pancake Day. My sister was kind enough to call and remind me. I already had plans with Jobin, but when those changed, I accompanied my sister and her friend on a pancake adventure! The deal was, if you went to an IHOP, you recieved a free short stack in exchange for a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.The line was so far out the door, at both IHOPs we tried, we turned around and left.

I would love to see the numbers on this deal. How much are people actually donating to the Children’s Miracle Network? Are they giving net profits or total proceeds? Are the employee tips kept or donated as well? How much does restaurant traffic increase on National Pancake Day? Are there add on sales or are people just coming in for the free pancakes? And really, how much cost is associated with a pancake? It is mostly flour and water right?

I hope everyone who got a seat and a stack gave generously to the Children’s Miracle Network and didn’t just stuff their faces cause they were getting a free stack of flapjacks!


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