Books from the Past

Yesterday I was so sad to read that Jan Berenstein, one of the co-authors of The Berenstein Bears book series, sadly passed away from a stroke at the age of 88. It got me thinking about all reading all their books with my sister when we were kids. These were some of Ka-Ka’s favorite books growing up, along with the Strega Nona books. I started thinking of all the books I read as a child. My mom was really good about reading books to and with us. Even now as an adult, she is always picking up books for my sister and I, as well as all the children in our lives.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

In my apartment I have a few of my childhood books, most are still at my mom’s. I have a set of Sesame Street books called “The Little Library” that my paternal grandparents gave me on my second Christmas. It is a set of basics – one is about Ernie and Bert counting, one is about Cookie Monster and the Alphabet, one is about Big Bird and shapes, and my favorite one – Grover and colors (not to spoil the ending but his favorite color is blue). I read these so much as a kid the pages have become unbound from the hard covers.

One of the others that I have with me is a little book called “Chicken Tricks” by Megan Lloyd which I received for Christmas from my parents when I was 5. I tried to find it on line and I couldn’t. I beleive it is out of print which is very sad. It is a wonderful little book about a group of hens and a farmer who wants them to lay eggs, but all the chickens want to do is go out and play. Every month they fill the egg cartons with something instead of eggs – snow balls, paper kites, mud, apples, acorns, beach balls and even Christmas ornemants. Its a cute little book and the verses rhymed which I always liked as a kid.

What were your favorite books from childhood? 


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