Let’s Shake the Dust of the Bucket List

As I was catching up on my fellow bloggers postings from this week, I came across a some inspiration. The source : Time for a new to do list « Maggie Mae’s Days. Lovely Megan, who I have been quietly following for almost a year now, posted how she was looking to revamp her “list”. This inspired me two-fold. First, she got me thinking that I should reevaluate my bucket list. I accomplished a heck of a lot over the past year. Incase you have forgotten I have already completed the following:

  1. Finished reading Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
  2. I beat Jobin at Words with Friend – I’ve only done it once, but I’ve done it!
  3. Ride a Zipline
  4. Attended the Mermaid Parade
  5. Get Certified in CPR
  6. Paint some happy little trees (ala Bob Ross / Joy of Painting)
  7. Eat at Blue Hill at Stone Barns
My Bob Ross Attempt

I also have a few things that are “works in progress” such as :

  1. Solving my Rubik Cube – I twist it around at least three times a week
  2. Getting to my goal weight – the scale has been going in the wrong direction since I started my new job but I am tipping it back the way I want it
  3. Attend the Opera – Jobin and I talked about going to the Opera so hopefully I can cross that off this year
  4. Visit my friends in San Francisco – I am headed West for work in another month, which means I am going to see my San Fran friends which I CANNOT wait for!
  5. On March 20th I will have maintained my blog for one whole year!

With all these accomplishments and WIPs, I need to add some fresh energy in to the list. I have a few things to add in so keep an eye out for some upcoming updates.

Second – Megan mentioned something that sounded like such a wonderful, generous gift to give someone. Megan mentioned wanting to make a “20 Things I Like About You” list for friends and family. I think this is such a beautiful idea. I am asking all of you, my dear faithful readers, to consider trying it for someone in your life. I know if I was on the receiving side of that list I would be truly moved. Wouldn’t you? In comparison to tomorrow’s assignment this should be an easy task (Dum dum dum – What does Souzapalooza have planned for tomorrow?) Just go pick someone off you friend list and give it a try! (Feel free to share the link to this post along with it so they know where you got the motivation!)

If you feel like sharing some of your thoughts and ideas on the assignment, please leave them in the comments!

And of course, please check out Megan’s blog Maggie Mae’s Days for great posts and beautiful crafts (she’s really talented) Thanks for the inspiration Megan!


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