I’m Good Enough for Me

Mini Souzapalooza in a stylin' track suit

The Brainbuilder posted a link on my Facebook page to this blog – 40 Days of Writing | Extra Buttons. The Blogger, Ms. Graham, is trying to start a 40 Days of writing community. This type of community enforces accountability, as well as stimulation, working off of each others thoughts, ideas, and topics. When I was reading her post there were two sentences that rang a bell with me : I detest practice. I want to be really, really, really good at everything the first time I try something new (actually, I want to be good before the point of try)

I often feel that way. I know it isn’t possible, it isn’t even human. It isn’t a competition issue, I don’t have the need to be better than people, but I am incredibly driven to do my best. I guess in a way I look to be recognized as being successful, but I think it is more of a desire to not suck. I don’t want to be embarrassed by the possibility of coming up short or worse – letting anyone down.

I know that I am not perfect. I hate doing dishes, I forget to take out the garbage on collection day, I rush my mom off the phone, I don’t talk to my dad as much as I should, and I print out a lot of reports single sided (sorry but it is really hard to look at number when you constantly have to flip pages front and back!) Why can’t I be happy with the fact that I have never bowled a 300, that I am completely tone-deaf, and that my jaw occasionally makes a weird clicking noise when I chew? The thing that I need to remember is that each of these things is a challenge I can over come (well except the jaw clicking thing – I’m kinda stuck with that). Isn’t it more rewarding to conquer a challenge?

My imperfections make me the perfect Souzapalooza? Being Souzapalooza is good enough for me!


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