BzzAgent Call to Duty – Health-full Breads

As I have mentioned in other posts, I am a memeber of the BzzAgent Community. I have been asked to test and report back on Bimbo Bakery (parent company of Arnold, Brownberry & Oroweat breads) new line of breads called “Health-full”

Here are the fun facts about the new line from the promotional information:

  • 80 Calories per slice
  • Excellent source of fiber (4-5g per slice)
  • 5g of protein per slice
  • Available in four delicious varieties – 10 Grain, Nutty Grain, Hearty Wheat, Flax & Fiber
  • Found in the bread aisle of all major supermarkets

I picked up a package of Arnold (cause that is what we have in NY) HeartFull Nutty Grain. I chose the Nutty Grain because it actually had more fiber than the Flax & Fiber version (ironic don’t you think?) I was really surprised at first the price – the bread was $4.59! Thankfully Bzzagent sent me a coupon but I still ended up paying $3.49 for a loaf of bread. The bread is very light and I feel like the slices are thin in comparisson to my usual bread, which is Nature’s Pride.Over all, I wasn’t really impressed with the bread. With a name like Nutty Grain, I thought it would have a bit of a nutty flavor, but it really doesn’t. It tastes like boring old white bread.

Sorry Healthfull, I am going back to Nature’s Pride (which was rated best bread by Consumer Reports)


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