Spread the Love – An Assignment from Souzapalooza

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Welcome to February –

February brings Ka-Ka’s favorite holiday – 50% of Candy Day! That’s right, my sister’s favorite day is February 15th, the day that all the valentine’s day candy gets marked to half price. It is closely followed by Novemeber 1st, half price Halloween candy day, but I think she likes the red wrappers best.

It is very odd that all the candy is marked down – it is still just as sweet, the wrappers are still colorful and appealing – but once the holiday is over, the candy is devalued,  just like the flowers that aren’t sold and the little teddy bears holding hearts that are left on shelves. Why is it that so much emphasis it put on the 14th of February?

Why do we put all the emphasis on showing our love, be it to significant others, family members, or friends, on just one specific day? Why aren’t we telling them on the 11th of August? on the 30th of May? Shouldn’t every day should be a day to tell the important people in our lives that we love them? Stressing our selves out to prove our love on one specific day, can be a strain on anyone, is that really what your loved one would want?

So here is what I am thinking…your mission, if you choose to accept it….

Why not skip the chocolates (no one needs the extra calories), and not only tell the people you care about that you love them on a more regular basis, but do things to show them. Actions speak louder than words after all. Try doing something they usually have to beg you to do, with out being asked (taking out the garbage or doing the dishes is always a good action).

Most importantly, don’t forget to show your self some love as well – do something nice for yourself. Take a break from your day to get some fresh air out side, find a  few moments to meditation so you can calm your mind, or reward yourself with a healthy home-cooked meal. You are special, important, and deserve to be loved too!


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