January Check In

So I know it isn’t exactly the end of the month, but we are pretty close so I thought it would be a good time to check in on how I am doing with my goals. Lets take a look –
  1. Read one book a month – I’ve read three!! I finished Bossypants, Catching Fire, and Assholes Finish First (which I didn’t review, but did finish). All three of these were on my reading list, so way to go me!
  2. Exercise (in some way shape or form) for 30 minutes three times a week  – I’ve gotten about 5 work outs in this month – better than nothing, but not where I want to be. Hopefully my February will be better now that I signed up for the Bronx Zoo 5K Race
  3. Do two Health History consultations each month – I got this done! One with my Health Counsoler (we get one with school) and one with another student.
  4. Keep up with my gratitude journal – I only missed three days and I added three extra things to the day following the day I missed to make up for it.
  5. Try two new vegetables, or vegetable based recipe a month – I tried the black bean brownies and I also made Mung Beans which were surprisingly tasty considering their detering name “mung”
  6. Don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink.  – This is the goal that I have truly failed at. I’ve been so bad at this it is embarassing. I need to make a better effort, or perhaps get a bigger dish drain.
  7. Blog more consistently.  – I haven’t been too bad. This month I’ve posted 12 times (13 if you include this one)
  8. Do something rewarding for me. – This month I took off early from work and went to Mohegan Sun with Jobin and Ka-Ka to see Matt Nathanson perform for free in the Wolf Den.

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