One Down, Eleven to Go – Take That “Bossypants”

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As I mentioned in my 2012 goals that I wanted to read one book a month. I even had a list of some of my contender which you can click here to read . This week, I was able to finally finish Tina Fey‘s Bossypants; which Jobin lent me last summer and has only taken me 3/4 of a year to read! (Special thanks to West Coast Brooklyn for buying the book for Jobin’s birthday so I could reap the benefits as well!) Bossypants is a collection of 28 vignettes making up a memoir of Ms. Fey’s life. They range from the origin of her famous facial scar, her first period (which looked nothing like the blue fluid in the commercials), her stint with the Second City Improv group, her start and success on SNL, the creation of 30 Rock and how (like many of us) she struggles to manage it all.

Although she would never actually credit her self with the task, it is very apparent how Ms. Fey has paved the way for women in comedy. She challenged the idea that “there [wouldn’t] be enough parts for girls” when producers and directors of Second City didn’t want to switch the casting of the groups to be 3 men to 3 women, rather than 4 men to 2 women. Like her good friend Amy Pohler, she didn’t want women to just play wives and girlfriends in “boy’s scenes”.

Her sarcasm is highly dominate through out her tales of growing up out side Philly, her college experiences, ‘surviving’ her honeymoon cruise, and her attempts of breast-feeding her daughter. In addition to these wonderful narratives, Ms. Fey provides sound advice on Mommy beauty, photo shoots, the things she learned from Lorne Michaels and how to get your TV pilot picked up (Alec Baldwin).

Overall, I really like Ms. Fey’s book. Some of the SNL stuff was a little dry (surprisingly), but overall this peek in to her life was a good read.


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