The Return to the Gym


The first two weeks of January I completely avoid the gym. Not only because I am very busy eating birthday cake, but because the gym is infested with the New Year’s Resolutionists.

Now don’t get me wrong; I am so happy that so many people are dedicated to getting back on track and making exercise a priority in their life. The challenging part is that its like everyone shows up at once. It is hard to get machines, lockers, a small space on the mat to do a few post run stretches, and there can even be a line for the water fountain! Gym newbies don’t have a rhythm yet, and tend to get under the feet of the people who have been religiously attending the gym year round. It can cause a bit of tension. I tend to be a morning gym person. Morning gym people are even worse since most are grumpy in the morning and just want to get their workout in.

So what can be done to make the transition easier?

  • Be present in the gym – don’t float around trying to figure out what you want to work on that day
  • Br courtious – wipe down your machines, don’t cut in front of people who are waiting for a machine or are in the middle of a set
  • Be patient – we are all there for the same reason, newbie or not, some times you just have to wait your turn
  • It community property – just because you have been using the same treadmill, eliptical, or bike in spin class each week all year, it doesn’t mean it is “yours”

Go forth and sweat everyone!


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