Souzapalooza’s 2012 Goals

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Welcome to 2012 – Just another great year to be alive!

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I don’t really believe in resolutions because a resolution, by definition is really “a formal expression of option or intent” however, it doesn’t actual tie you to a result. A goal on the other hand, is “the result or achievement towards which effort is directed”. A goal is something your put effort towards rather than just declaring you are going to do. I can resolve to climb Mt Everest, but I think if I make it an actual goal, I would put more effort to climb it.

Now since I have decided that 2012 will be my best year ever, the year that I dazzle ’em (Jobin, The Wizard, and West Coast Brooklyn – I know that you will too!) Here are some of the goals that I am hoping to accomplish this year to make this a reality.

  1. Read one book a month – hopefully if I make this a goal, I will finally get to return Jobin’s copy of Bossypants!
  2. Exercise (in some way shape or form) for 30 minutes three times a week – This can be hitting the gym, going for a walk, or playing just dance on my Wii. More movement = less Souzapalooza
  3. Do two Health History consultations each month. Health Histories are free consultations for potential health coaching clients to identify their health goals and establish if they are interested in working with me to reach those goals.
  4. Keep up with my gratitude journal (which I mentioned the other day in my “Let me pencil you in” post)
  5. Try two new vegetable, or vegetable based recipe a month. I tell people they need to incorporate more vegetables in to their diet, but I usually eat the same ones by default. This goal will help me to make recommendations to friends and clients as well as discovering new delicious meals.
  6. Don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink. This is a terrible bad habit I have. I leave dishes in the sink way to long. If i make sure they are all done before bed, it will keep my kitchen clean and provide a sense of accomplishment before bed.
  7. Blog more consistently. December was a hard month for blogging. With holidays, work demands, and school demands, blogging fell off (and I apologize for that). I am going to keep up with the blogging.
  8. Do something rewarding for me. I spend so much time working and studying, I need to remember to take a break and do something nice for me every now and then. So once a month I will make sure to do something nice for me like a message, or a special treat that I wouldn’t ordinarily indulge in.
So here are eight goals I am going to aim for this year. What are your goals for this year?

8 thoughts on “Souzapalooza’s 2012 Goals”

  1. I’m with you on setting goals for myself rather than come up with resolutions. Let’s see, my goals for myself for 2012 are:
    1. cook more, eat less fast food
    2. exercise at least 5 days a week
    3. get rid of “stuff” every week, either thru donations to Goodwill or taking things to work for my co-workers or taking down to the complex office to give to the bingo ladies

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