The Souzapalooza Blog’s Year in Review

It’s that time of year again – the end
Time we look back and reminisce about the highs and lows of the year. So what happened at the Souzapalooza Blog this year:

  • I’ve accomplished 7 1/2 bucket list items (1/2 being that I have maintained the blog all year, but technically the official Souzapalooza Blog year really started in March  – we are almost there)
  • I’ve lost 25lb – I no longer say 30 because I have gained a bit back at my new job. I need to get in to a better routine in the new year.
  • I’ve lost a job, but gained a new one
  • I’ve lost a grand parent
  • I’ve gained a niece (although technically she arrived at the very end of 2010, but I didn’t meet her till 2011)
  • I’ve logged 176 miles and 22,753 calories on my Nike sneakers
  • I’ve finished my Social Media Certificate at SUNY Purchase
  • I’ve started the Health Coaching program with the Institute for Integrated Nutrition
  • I’ve started a new business –
  • I’ve met Natalie Portman and Kerri Russel (at Stone Barns)
  • I’ve shared 212 posts (included this one)
  • I’ve had 609 comments on my blog
  • I’ve had 12,434 views and average about 34 views a day
  • This year’s favorite post was Zuchinni Bread with 603 views
I will be working on a new and improved 2012 bucket list which I will share early next year. Until then – Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year everyone!

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