We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Cuff and I had a wonderful Christmas and we hope that all of you did too. I guess we were very good this year because we got a lot of nice things from our family and friends. Cuff got a special outfit from Aunt Sweetie that she hasn’t tried on yet, but keeps eyeing from her tank. We plan to try it on this week. We will take some pictures.

I got a new winter coat and boots as well as a juicer from my dad and step mom. I made delicious beet, apple and carrot juice Christmas morning which Ka-Ka would not drink. My mom and stepdad got me a ton of stuff off my list including a coffee maker, a new camelbak bottle, and some really great bottles for storing my juices in. My mom also made me a lap top  lap desk – well she didn’t build it – she decorated it. It came out really well. It is covered with little cartoon turtles exercising – like motivated turtles!

Christmas isn’t all about the presents though. It was nice just to spend the day in my christmas pajamas with my family. My mom had a hard time with it being her first Christmas with out our grandma here, but we made the best of it. We played scrabble with my mom and Ka-Ka and I watched the final Harry Potter movie which she selfishly saw in the theaters with her boyfriend and not with her sister who did not see Part 1. And why didn’t I see Part 1?  Because I was waiting to see that one with Ka-Ka but she was in the hospital when it was released in the theaters and Ka-Ka watched it with out me when it came out on video! But anyway – I finally got to see it on Christmas. I bought Ka-Ka the box set of DVDs as one of her Christmas gifts.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday and that you got to spend time with loved ones (with out driving each other insane)

Santa Cuff
Santa Cuff

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