Feeling Naked

Image by estro via Flickr

I took off my watch to take a shower, and now I can’t find it. I can’t remember where I took it off, but I know it is in the house. It is driving me crazy. I have had this watch for almost 8 years. I got it for my 25th birthday. I wear it everyday. Now I have to go to work with out it.

I feel naked.

Sure, I have other ways to tell time, but my wrist feels some what off. It is missing the weight of the watch. I’m sure I will be looking at my bare wrist all day waiting, for my beauty mark and arm hair to tell me how long till the end of the day.

Is there something that you have/wear every day that you feel naked when you don’t have?


2 thoughts on “Feeling Naked”

  1. I wear a watch every day, but not the same watch every day. But I have to wear earrings every day, just don’t feel dressed without them. So did you ever find your watch?

  2. I’ve been wearing a claddagh ring pretty much every day since my great-grandma brought me one back as a souvenir from a trip to Ireland to visit her brother. I was 12. When I forget to put my ring on I am aware of it most of the day, I keep reaching to twist the ring and it isn’t there, driving me batty. I had a friend once laugh at me because I tried to relate to her when she forgot to put on her wedding ring, saying it’s totally not the same, and more important to forget the wedding ring. Well, technically the claddah is a wedding ring (ok, so I’m not married but still) and it’s not like she’s been wearing her wedding ring since she was 12. How did I start ranting in your comment section. Oops.

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