If you had that extra hour….

Lots of people say, If I had an extra hour in my day I’d get so much more accomplished. But would you?

  • Would it actually be a producive time period?
  • Would you use it for sleep?
  • Would you finish up those tedious little tasks at work?
  • Would you actually make it to the gym like you claim?
  • Would you spend more time with your family?
  • Would you cook dinner rather than opting for take out?

If you really tried, could you make some of these things happen, with out the extra hour? What is stopping you?


2 thoughts on “If you had that extra hour….”

  1. Right now, if I had that extra hour, I’d so use it for sleep. After the holidays, when my work schedule returns to normal, I’d probably use it to either write or work out. Hey, I’ve got my priorities…it’s telling that I didn’t say I’d use it for my full time job, isn’t it?

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