No One Will Ever Solve This Thing!

Rubix cube
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This weekend my friends “The Perfect Parents” gave me a gift from my Xmas List : A Rubik Cube. This gift will hopefully help me complete another bucket list goal – solving a Rubik Cube.

Now, I don’t know if this was always the case, but my Rubik cube actually came with directions on how to solve it! What is the fun in that?

So last night I sat in front of my TV twisting and turning to get it really mixed up and I am going to try to figure it out. I am sure at some point I will break down and see what their strategy for solving this diabolical puzzle, but not yet. I know I can solve it!!

D1 told me you can go on YouTube and see videos and algorithms on how to get the answer but I think it is cheating. I guess we will have to see how long it will take me to rip out my hair.

Has anyone actually solved a Rubik Cube? (With out cheating?)


3 thoughts on “No One Will Ever Solve This Thing!”

  1. Nope. I always cheated. Sometimes by taking it apart & putting it back together & sometimes by peeling off the stickers.

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