Buzz Agent Report on Black Box Wines

As I have mentioned countless times, I am part of the Buzz Agent community where we are given the opportunity to try new items and write our reviews of these products. Recently the Souzapalooza Blog was chosen to review Black Box wines; a new brand of boxed wines. Black Box Wines have won critical acclaim from wine enthusiasts, as well as Oprah, as being one of the best box wines.

As part of my Buzz Agent responsibilities, I hosted a pre-holiday party where I served the Black Box Wine for a taste test. I chose the Chardonnay which I removed from the box and served in a fabulous lime green glass decaneter borrowed from my sister. According the the Black Box promotional materials, “the Monterey Chardonnay displays fresh aromas of citrus with notes of pineapple. The palate is rich, with a full entry and flavors of tropical mango and green grape. It finishes long and warm with the ripe flavors returning”.

So what did the critics at my party think? 

Many of my friends seemed to like the wine. They thought it was tasty and flavorful. All were surprised that it was “boxed wine”. Of course, my friend the Foodie, who is a bit of a wine snob was not a fan. She said “Its unoaked and too light to be a Chardonnay – what is it?” She was not a fan of the Black Box.  If you are not to choosey, and are looking for a reasonably priced wine, try to Black Box Wines.


One thought on “Buzz Agent Report on Black Box Wines”

  1. Ooh..that’s a tough one…poor thing…I didn’t get picked for that campaign…oh wait, it’s because the state where I live doesn’t allow wine shipments…boo…

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