My Prayers

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I don’t go to church, but I pray. I don’t feel you have to belong to an organized religion to talk to God (or what ever you call her). I believe there is a God, something/one beyond us who watches over us and guides us on the path we need to take in this life time. So I pray. I don’t do it in a church, or on my knees next to my bed, nor do I hold rosary beads like my grandma did and chant the Hail Mary or the other prayers. I talk to God in the car, in the shower, on my walk to work, on my runs, and very often when my sister is driving.

I pray for good weather, safe travels, and happy days for myself, family and friends

I pray for the strength and patience to get through challenging days

I pray my sister never has kidney stones ever again

I pray for my mom, in hopes the hole left from my grandma will heal from the love of all of us still here

I pray for my dad, that he takes advantage of the second chance he was given by surviving colon cancer

I pray for the strength and sanity of both my stepdad and my stepmom  – for I know what it is like to live with my parents

I pray for my aunt, that she finds success and stability in her growing business

I pray for my nieces and nephew, that they grow up to be happy and healthy people

I pray for LH, that she finds her happily ever after in what ever form it may take

I pray for Jobin, that opportunity will knock and recognize her amazing talents

I pray for Cuff Turtle, that she stays a healthy, happy turtle

I pray for the expectant mothers, that their babies grow strong and arrive healthy with 10 fingers and toes

This week, I am praying for Cousin Zibby. I pray her mom’s suffering ends, finding peace. I pray Zibby finds her own peace and understanding during this difficult time.

I pray we all learn a little something from everything that happens to us during our time here.


2 thoughts on “My Prayers”

  1. I’m like you, don’t often go to church, but still feel a spiritual connection to God, still pray. I guess that’s what I don’t understand about this whole objection to not having prayer in our schools…I don’t want someone else telling me how to pray or what to pray about, but no one can prevent me from praying whenever I feel like it…I think it’s the same in our schools…do we really need someone telling our kids what to pray about?

  2. Dear Souzapalooza, I just discovered you today — actually, you discovered me & commented on my blog — but anyway… I think we may be kindred spirits. I like your thoughts especially on prayer, on believing, and on the kinds of things & the way you pray. I’m glad you’re here. Looking forward to reading many, many posts.
    Emma Ann

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