How Did I Get Here? – My 200th Post

Today is a milestone for The Souzapalooza Blog – Our 200th Post! A lot has happened in the past 200 posts:

  • I’ve completed my social media certificate from SUNY Purchase – the reason my blog was created
  • I’ve lost 30lbs
  • I’ve become a runner and have completed two races (both 5Ks – I’ll get to that 1/2 marathon soon enough!)
  • I’ve lost my job, and I’ve found a new one
  • I’ve found a new calling – becoming a Health Coach
  • I’ve met celebrities (Natalie Portman and Kerri Russell – both this summer at Stone Barns)
  • I’ve completed 7 Bucket List items
  • I’ve won the Samsonite “This Bag Can Take It” contest
My friend Doc once told me “Things don’t change, they just get different” I think she maybe right. Change is the act of something becoming different. Sometimes we are so involved in what is going on, that we don’t actually realize a change is occurring.We stop, look around, and realize things are different. Some how I have made it to 200 posts. I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m here. I like to think I am better for it and some how I’ve made your lives a little better as well; be it with inspiration, motivation, a tasty recipe, or a witty quip about the crazy croc lady who commutes with me.
I thank you for reading and hope you will continue to celebrate the ups, downs and in-betweens of life, found in the posts of The Souzapalooza Blog. 

8 thoughts on “How Did I Get Here? – My 200th Post”

  1. Mommy says: I’ve always known that you are a beautiful,smart,caring, creative and witty ( I did say witty…not wise-ass) person. These blogs prove that you are. If anyone reads and/or reads back your blogs they will learn that you have all of these qualities and so much more to share,.I’ve watched you grow and yes change. I believe it is the person…You! that has metamorphose (a striking alteration in appearance,character or circumstances). Developing into the extraordinary human being that you are! I love you and I know your path is not always an easy one…but we are always here for you and support you in all your endeavors…keep on blogging…can’t wait to read #1000!

  2. Congrats on 200!! And all that you’ve accomplished during that time!! I really want to get back into running, I remember how joyous it made me feel…tired, sore, but joyous!!

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