Lunch at Stone Barns – Another Bucket List Item Crossed Off

This Sunday, the Wise Gal and I had lunch at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I have wanted to eat there for a very long time. That desire was further fueled this summer while I worked the Farmer’s Market at Stone Barns. Patrons of Blue Hill would be floating out of the restaurant with a euphoric food glow and I would envy them, since my glow was generated from sweat from schlepping organic baked goods.

When the Wise Gal asked me if I wanted to go to lunch, I was in. Lunch at Blue Hill is a four course pre-fixed menu with an optional wine pairing (Wise Girl opted for the wine, I didn’t). They asked us if we had any allergies or foods that we disliked, because they do make accommodations for dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Other than that, what you get is a crap shoot.

First we received a selection of “amuse-bouche” (for those of you like me who didn’t know what that was, amuse bouche are one bite appetizers). We received V9 “shots” which is Blue Hill’s version on V8 – but better, Beet Burgers, and a Fried Potato thing. I like the V9 shot and the Beet Burger, but the Potato thing was just kind of like  soggy french fry to me. The Wise Girl claimed it was the “most delicious gourmet fry ever” but I was not impressed.

Amuse Bouches

After the first three, we received this interesting displayed selection of tempura green beans, fried red potato slices, and two selection of processed meats – montebello and another one that I didn’t catch the name of.

More Amuse Bouches

Our first course after all these delicious “snacks” was a beet salad which was incredibly delicious. It had some greens from the greenhouse, various fresh beets, some Blue Hill yogurt and a bit of balsamic reduction. This might have been my favorite course. Plus I couldn’t help but think of my friend Jason from Have Your Ever Picked a Carrot and how hard he and the greenhouse staff work growing these beautiful baby greens week after week.

Beet Salad

Our second course was a soft-boiled egg in a horseradish broth with some beans and a slice of fresh-baked bread. I didn’t think I would like this, but it was very tasty once.

Soft Boiled Egg "Soup"

Our final savory course was a port chop and pork belly slice with hubbard squash and grains.

Pork Plate

Then came the desert course, a mini apple pie with ginger ice cream which was amazing

Mini Apple Pie with Ginger Ice Cream

Overall we had a great time. I would recommend it for anyone up for a good food adventure.

The Wise-Gal & I at Blue Hill

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