Happy Birthday to Some Important People

The Souzapalooza Blog would like to send out some happy birthday wishes to some important people:

The Brain Builder's Children - I can't find a picture that she would approve of, so I am posting a picture of her children

The Brain Builder is the Souzapalooza Blog’s number one fan. She was an essential networker during our participation in the Samsonite Contest, she bought the Cover Girl Lip Gloss after our buzz agent endorsement, and has been trying to chew her food 100 times (although some times she looses count). In addition, she has volunteered to be my very first Health Coaching client (once I’m actually allowed to consult).Happy Birthday Brain Builder! I will have my fingers crossed all day that Jon Bon Jovi shows up on your doorstep to sing Happy Birthday!

My Niece - Doing her "Ah-Ooo-Gaah Cheer"

It is also my niece’s 7th Birthday today. She will be very busy this weekend making sure people that football fans clap their hands, stamp their feet, and make their body move – – AOOGAH!

Ms. Brown & I on my 30th B-day

It is also Ms. Brown’s birthday on Saturday! She will be living it up old school style this weekend. Sadly, I won’t be able to join her but I’m sure she will let me make it up to her.

The Secret Agent & I in Lisbon (and a guy in an ugly sweater behind us!) - 2008

The Secret Agent’s birthday was on Wednesday, but I was unable to celebrate with her because I got stuck late at work. (You can tell work sucked the life out of me since there was no blog post yesterday).

Happy Birthday to All These Wonderful Women

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Some Important People”

  1. very sweet! your niece is adorable…one of my nieces was a cheerleader in junior high…oops, showing my age here, it’s now middle school, isn’t it? I think she got into it just because she was a gymnastics fanatic!!

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