Online Shopping that Pays You Back –

Christmas in the post-War United States

Now that I have posted my Christmas List, I am sure you all started doing some comparisson shopping to see where you can get the best prices on a gift for me, right? I know that isn’t the case, but I would like to give back to all of you who online shop.

Check out this site called EBates. I am hooked. They will give you cash back if you shop through their website. I have been testing it out the past two months. I ordered a few things from Old Navy and a pair of boots they didn’t have in my size at the DSW store that I ordered on line. I have already recived a rebate check for $8.59!

It is very easy to use. Simply take two minutes to register, then decide what online retailer you want to buy from, and select that retailer from their list. They will automatically take you to the retailer’s website and when you make your purchase, your cashback credit will post to your Ebates account with in 24 hours. I believe checks are only cut once a quarter, but wouldn’t it be great to get some money back on your online spending?

If you want to try Ebates – Click Here

Now start making back some of your money!


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