Chew Your Food!

This week’s module for institute for integrated Nutrition included an introduction to the Macrobiotic lifestyle. Macrobiotics is not just a way to eat but an over all health philosophy. Part of our assignments, was to try out a macrobotic lifestyle change. There were many to choose from. I have picked a few but the one that has had the most profound impact (so far) has been chewing.

The Macrobiotic lifestyle suggest chewing for at least 30 seconds or until your food liquefies in your mouth. A recommendation is try chew 100 times. Have you ever tried to chew your food 100 times? It really slows you down. I have been trying it for the past days worth of meals and it has had a real impact on me. It takes you longer to eat, it registers in your mind that you are actually eating (opposed to rushing through a meal), and you feel yourself filling up faster.

This chewing exercise has made me realize how little I chew my food. This is something I consciously need to work on going forward. It gives me a chance to really enjoy my food, not to rush through my meal, and will hopefully help my overall digestion.

Here is your Souzapalooza Blog Homework:

This weekend, when you are enjoy a big breakfast, light lunch, or delicious dinner, try chewing each mouth full 100 times and report back on how you feel. I’d love to hear your results!


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